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tv   [untitled]    March 7, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm PST

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any public comment? >> okay. can the applicant come back up. it sounds like you have a great relationship working with the police department. would you have any problem with us adjusting the hours from 10:00 a.m.-10 :00 p.m.? >> i have no problem with that. >> second sending a calendar every month. >> i would definitely do that to get protection for our events. >> thank you. >> okay. so, right, are you asking for events that are above and beyond the regular calendar? >> i want a complete calendar
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for events going on there. >> let's entertain a motion since public comment is closed. >> i would like to approve the permit with a 10:00 a.m. start time and 10:00 p.m. ending time with the condition that the applicant submit a monthly calendar to the bayview station. >> i will second that. >> a point of clarification is this daily or just weekend or seven 7 days a week? >> i read the permit as being everyday, although, is that not? >> it could be. it's up to you. >> it's up to us. you want to give it to her seven 7 days a week? >> again this goes to the question of licensing beyond what is
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necessary. do you do events monday through friday? >> it probably depends on when the holiday falls. >> our third on third event used to be on thursdays then we moved it for fridays for various reasons. sometimes, identify halloween for instance: we celebrate that when it's halloween. >> it sounds like it could encompass monday through sunday with very little impact. >> yeah. there is not going to be daily events, anything like that. the permit would cover the bayview opera house property, third street area and mandel plaza, right? >> mandel plaza. according to
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the application it's just mandel plaza. >> i submitted two applications because i was told that jocelyn spoke to from the economic development department that we had to get two permits, one for mandel plaza and one 1 for third street. that's why i submitted two applications. i'm concerned that once we move we are going to move activities inside the opera house and outside because we have this great new area and i would like that to be covered as well. >> the inside is going to be a different issue. >> we have an inside permit already. >> okay. i guess the bottom line what we have in front of us is
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mandel plaza. >> i understand. hang on one second. we did have two permit applications. i don't know why they didn't end up here, but under direction from the commission we can handle the second permit administratively. we don't have to come back here since the discussion is the same. mandel plaza has a different underlying jurisdiction, the department is in charge of one side and not on the other side of the street. without getting complicated tonight, if the instruction is the same regarding the amplified sound we can address this similar to the one tonight. >> the third street application varies close to the mandel plaza? >> it's the same event. the event moves around depending on what we are doing. >> it's within 500 feet? >> yes. >> so this is third street
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between what and what? >> third street between mckinnon and peru. >> i would like to amend the motion to include that portion of the street. >> can i pause for a minute? should we ask the police? does the permit -- are you okay with that addition, the third street part? >> how are you doing, the captain sent me down. he was business, obviously he's got a lot going on. to clarify, there is one street that runs in the middle of bayview opera house and mandel plaza. it's closed down for restructuring. they have been using mandel plaza. when they open up, the
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bayview house faces third street. we haven't had any problems there. they don't use both spaces all the time. it depends on what functions are going on. >> you don't have any objection? >> no. we haven't had any problems. >> this would be one permit approval encompassing both mandel plaza? >> correct. >> you are okay with that? >> yes. would it be easier to stipulate the address for the bayview opera house and mandel plaza. >> i think we have two applications. >> it's 4702 third street? >> okay. >> that address is 4705. 4702 is the
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temporary office. we don't want just the opera house part of third street. we want third street on both sides of the street because that's where our events are from mckinnon to blew. we have from third to mandel plaza. >> what they are proposing sounds like no change to what has been done. >> yeah, it's gone on. i have been out there 8 years. she works with the department as far as bayview station and let everyone know what's going on. i don't have any objection. i think we are good. >> to restate again then the motion is to include both mandel plaza and third street between mckinnon and paloo for
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the timeframe 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.. >> we have a motion and second. >> commissioner frost commissioner moshiayannis and commissioner lee. >> okay. i guess that's the end of the permits section. now it's commissioner comments and questions. anybody have any comments or questions? no? >> yeah, i would like to welcome commissioner canino to the board and look forward to working with you and great job tonight. >> thank you. >> exactly. okay. anybody else? no. okay, any public comments on the commissioner comments or questions. okay, that part is closed.
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now new business for future items or agendas. i have one question. are we still going to make a decision on the 40-day issue like filling out last minute permits. do you still need a ruling on that? >> i do. as we left it, it was with the commission, not necessarily staff to come back to us with how those and what he's talking about to clarify and i'm sure you know what he's talking about is a special permit procedure relative to certain dates of the year mostly holidays wheren staff has some direction around how late a permit can come in before we can necessarily not accept it or deny a permit for a special event out of the ordinary event. it was left in your
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hands although i'm not entirely clear on how you were to proceed, but it is in your court. >> okay. you guys want to ask president tan to maybe call, we should do something about it, give him some direction. so maybe, do we make that part of the record and say we want to refer this to president tan to make a decision at least a couple meetings from now? >> sure. >> okay. that's the only question i have. >> then we did talk about it. have we agendaized making a vice-president? >> yes. we can put that on the agenda now that we have, all of our seats are full so we can put an election on the agenda and we will do that.
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>> okay. so anybody have anything else or any public comment on our future agenda? okay. i see none. we can go home now. meeting adjourned. thanks for the volunteering. >> great job filling in. thank you. [ meeting is adjourned ] >> >> ♪ ? an incredible program because we take regular kids teach them the love of the game.
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we have no emphasis on winning we only have an emphasis on learning and trying as hard as they can that's it and the chips fall where they may. when students leave our program whether or not adults or kids they'll have a mechanical understanding of what they have. you don't have to be 7 feet tall or be super faster but you do need skwil. once you teach kids how to have control over the tennis courts they'll master. please invest
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>> can everybody hear me thank you for hosting us all i'm john the councilmember gloria vice president and along with my much nor talented colleagues and megan our program managers i offer see the responsibility of zen detect when we they moved no inviting one of the things we've
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heard loud and clear was the importance of the hiring locally and many technology growing companies we're distancing in search of specific talents those are hard to find in the bay area in the neighborhood of san francisco but as you sit here now detection has a great relationship with the office of economic workforce development and currently sits on the investment board this is where we learned ambassador tech sf graduation and the local jobs training program to provide relevant skills several conversations led us to the realized the faster way to create zen dick technology to train the san franciscans on our
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product that will fast track them to an important job in as you sit here now deck some of the tens of thousands of people that use as you sit here now deck if not employed while having still have a foundation in customer support and experience as well as the state of the art i'm to introduce mayor ed lee that as you sit here now deck has a terrific relationship the mayor ed lee has impressed on the importance of job creation like the opening up pathways in the tech industry so welcome mayor ed lee (clapping)
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john thank you for that introduction and i'm glad to be here and this is great to see this is the third cohort of our folks coming through tech sf he want to go through the boat came but jonas passionate as i am i've not had to work that hard as you sit here now deck and it is a lot of passion for the building of strong neighborhoods thank you to the leadership give my best to the entire staff there because as strons as passionate in the job training for the 21st century jobs we need partners that are more experienced as you that kind of citizens of volunteerism is takes the hours
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and weekends and the attitude to folks that are in the community looking to see if they can gain skill sets with the new jobs and what they're doing in the clooks with tech sf starbucks a good training for people to see i have the confidence i don't have to be at the best engineering schools to get a job and we've often said the tonnage industry establishments 4 or 5 jobs in their applications or establishing all the technology kinds of industries we're also seeing happen in middle school middle market and throughout the city it is one of the many what
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did you say and he know that as you sit here now deck is not only focused on job training a huge amount of philanthropic work for the lowest incomes and the institutions allowing for the use of community space as a reflection of they're very strong volunteerism within the community agreement and their work is great because along with my again friend benny hoff set the standard for what we want to happy in the city and we need it technology for many years and i think people in the room remember those are room we talked about the digital divide how we'll be able to catch with
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tomcast or those internet essentials they're providing or 12 companies they're going so fast he didn't think the jobs were going to be driver's license we need this link if you will, so those jobs i emphasis your programmers you can be folks helping with customer service center to be of great support and those days more and more as companies establish their companies they need the mechanism and this is why the third and i hope tenth cohorts of trainers that come out with the skill sets to repeating really join in a comfortable way the movement towards the digital jobs that
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are present here in the city and that we also will signal to the companies that i look forward to their literally going through tech sf and hiring the folks that are out the basic training i'm all for a what he can excitingly see those weeks of boat camping is allotting a truly a boat camp you're going right into job opportunity there and our tech companies don't have to be looking across the water but right here in san francisco and be part the promise that the prosperity in the city can be shared with those basic things we're doing honoring training and having an open door policy and having a good neighbor policy and go benefits as forefront as the
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success of a company as getting their points out and designed and engineered and sold i can't thank supervisor kim enough she's a strong advocate we start this confidence about mid-market and seeking strong, strong indications coming to fruition not everything is there it takes time we have a lot of folks on line their k59 their support i love the fact we're beginning to focus on the staff black women and other different groups that we know have gaps in their ability to connect up with our technology industry and with other jobs more and more we're seeing the technology into the health care industry the hospitality address the local
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manufacturers you can't see a line of manufacturers without the ipad overlay and censoring autopsying all the aspects of merchandising so this is a great year to embrace those kinds of programs and thankful to the bay area coalition as well as tech sf for joining us as a city and partnering up with as you sit here now deck so provide support and congratulations (clapping.) >> thank you mayor ed lee for being here today. >> thank you to your staff and as you sit here now deck and especially to all the students who are graduating today from the zen deck train and i'm the executive director it is a pleasure to see you when we partnered with czechoslovakia deck with the employer driven
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training it makes sense because not only because we're the coordinator for the city of san francisco but because they've actually been providing employer driven technically e tech and media industry for more than 15 years i was chatting with the folks and we trained folks from places like mother jones and all kinds of tech and media companies other than the city and we've been doing this for many years in many, many ways and another thing offering networking event like gloun this is something we came up with to provide opportunity for contract workers or who are newly trained to meet people that are hiring and zen deck is generous for two of the flounz so for so so
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thank you to zen deck i want to mention little initiative through the sf tech program for the contractor workers and helping folk up their skills and help them with their taxes and with the full union in new york we have more than 5 hundred members are eligible to get health care and other kinds of insurance next year it the amazing program i feel like our mission of hoping folks to tell their stories has been happening for 39 years it is important to be a technology organization that's been around for that long the reason we've been around that
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along bus of the as you sit here now deck train so thank you, again, for zen deck go with that i'm going to turn it over to the trainer from zen deck to start the graduation (clapping) and thanks i'm joe i work as zen deck about 3 years i'm going to present the certificates to the graduates first up patrick (clapping). rose marie (clapping) gary (clapping) there's gary
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michael >> winston (clapping) sorry winston. (clapping.) >> now (clapping) kit (clapping) emmanuel (clapping) marseille (clapping) thank you, everyone all right.
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>> (clapping) photo op. >> ready everyone here congratulations ladies and gentlemen good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the march 3, 2015, ladies and gentlemen, please. >> would you get - >> excuse me. people